yo big g where is ur hand goin’ x


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Geno’s A+ interaction with children

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and you take a picture of your browser screen to show him the outline and then realise your AO3 link is a tab so you have to go and lock all your fucking fic in case he decides to search and see what it is because he’s exactly the kind of asshole who would do that and your RL/fandom boundaries are already blurred enough and you refuse to have your porn out there too?

Yeah that just happened to me. Consider all my fic locked at cathedralhearts for the next 2-3 weeks at least.


April 17, 2014: Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, engaged in deep, close, discussion

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Evgeni Malkin’s toughest loss this season came in Sochi. Failing to win a gold medal in his home country weighed heavily on the Russian star.  A conversation with his captain, who faced similar pressure in the past, helped reignite the former Conn Smythe winner. (x)

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Missing that Geno swagger

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Whatcha gonna do when Malkamania runs wild on you, brother?

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behind the scenes with phil, bozie & jvr

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sid + baseball

no joke on like the third try he managed to hit a home run. i think it went clear out of pnc park, too. (and he bats left handed! that delights me.)

sidney’s everything hurts me. there needs to be fic of this.

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this is the fandom sideblog for lepliage.

i'm kind of distracted by hockey but lbr, this is a blog that mostly consists of patrick kane's face and/or stickhandling and taylor hall being salty. the hawks and a variety of others also appear.